CSC Online Appointment

CSC Online Appointment

Welcome to CSC Online Appointment – your gateway to seamless service access! Planning a visit has never been easier. Our platform ensures a hassle-free scheduling experience with simple steps designed for everyone. Say goodbye to complications and hello to convenience with CSC Online Appointment.

Applicants need to talk to the CSC Regional Office (CSC RO) or CSC Field Office (CSC FO) where they want to take the test. Check the CSC website,, for a list of all CSC Regional and Field Offices across the country.

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Step By Step Guide To CSC Online Appointment

Step 1:

Go to Website. Click on “Sign up“.

CSC Online Appointment

Step 2:

Enter your details.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Suffix
  • Email address
  • Contact Details
  • Region
  • Province
  • City
  • Password

Click on “Register“.

CSC Online Appointment

Step 3:

Click “OK“.

CSC Online Appointment

Step 4:

Click the link to Validate your account and start Scheduling Appointments with CSC.

CSC Online Appointment

Step 5:

Enter your email and password and Click on “Log in“.

CSC Online Appointment

Step 6:

If you check fees, click here to see the fee schedule.

CSC Online Appointment

Step 7:

List the Schedule of fees. See services and fees and remarks. Then click to close.

CSC Online Appointment

Step 8:

Select your Region, Location and service Application when you Select location details after setting the date and time and after confirming your payment method. Then confirm your appointment.

CSC Online Appointment

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How to apply for the Civil Service Exam 2024?

You can get the Application Form (CS Form No. 100, Revised September 2016) at any CSC Regional/Field Office. Or, you can download it from the CSC Website:

Can you take the civil service exam twice a year?

The Civil Service Exam, also called the Career Service Exam, happens twice yearly. The government, through the Civil Service Commission (CSC), uses this test to check if someone can work for them.

What is the age limit for the civil service exam in the Philippines?

To apply, you need to meet certain requirements. First, you must be Filipino. Second, you should be at least 18 years old when applying. Also, it’s important to have a good moral character.

What is the passing score for the civil service exam?

To pass any CSC exam (Professional or Sub-Professional, both PPT and COMEX), you need to get at least 80%. Check out the 2024 Civil Service Exam Schedule for more info. You can also download the application form as a PDF.

How many hours is the civil service exam?

On test day, wear neat clothes like plain white shirts. Don’t wear sleeveless tops, shorts, ripped jeans, or slippers. Tie your long hair. The test has 170 questions; you have 3 hours and 10 minutes to finish.


In conclusion, CSC Online Appointment is your key to effortless service access. Simplifying the process for everyone, we’ve made scheduling easy. Embrace the convenience and bid farewell to complexities. Experience seamless appointments with CSC – where simplicity meets efficiency!

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