DFA Appointment CDO

DFA Appointment CDO(Cagayan De Oro)

Your Philippine passport is your key to the world. It’s crucial for studying, working, and traveling abroad. It’s also a strong ID for dealings with the government and private offices. In this article, I will guide you about the DFA Appointment CDO(Cagayan De Oro).

But, getting or renewing it through the DFA can be tricky. Securing an appointment feels like winning the lottery due to limited slots.

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Step By Step Guide To DFA Appointment CDO

Step 1:

Go to the DFA appointment web.

Step 2:

Select “Start individual appointment” or “Start group appointment“.

DFA Appointment CDO

Step 3:

Enter your region, country, and site then check the conditions box and click “Next“.

DFA Appointment CDO


Select the date, and time and click “Next“.

DFA Appointment CDO

Step 5:

Enter your details phone number, mobile number, email address, confirm email address, last name, given name, middle name, date of birth, gender, civil status, birth legitimacy, country of birth, province, city/municipality.

DFA Appointment CDO

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Step 6:

Enter your father and mother’s information.

DFA Appointment CDO

Step 7:

Select your application type and enter other details. Then click “Next“.

DFA Appointment CDO

Step 8:

Enter your current address, city, province/state/country, occupation, office number, and office address. Then click on “Next“.

DFA Appointment CDO

Step 9:

Check the details and click to confirm.

DFA Appointment CDO
DFA Appointment CDO

Step 10:

Choose how you want your passport processed: regular or special.

DFA Appointment CDO

Step 11:

Select “Proceed to payment“.

DFA Appointment CDO

Step 12:

Enter your Debit/Credit Card details and complete the payment order.

DFA Appointment CDO


Secure your DFA appointment CDO. With our system, booking is quick and stress-free. Experience a seamless process that ensures a smooth visit. Plan your appointment now for a convenient and hassle-free passport application in Cagayan de Oro.

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How can I set up an appointment with DFA in CDO?

Visit the DFA website and follow the steps for online booking.

What documents do I need for my DFA appointment in CDO?

Bring valid IDs, your application form, and other required documents listed on the DFA website.

Can I change my DFA appointment date in CDO?

Yes, you can reschedule online. Log in to the DFA website and choose a new date and time.

Is there a faster processing option for DFA appointments in CDO?

Yes, you can choose expedited processing during online booking for a quicker turnaround.

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