NBI Renewal Appointment

NBI Renewal Appointment

Hey everyone, I got my NBI Renewal Appointment. If you’re new or renewing and feeling lost, no stress! I’ve got your back!

I won’t make this confusing with a lot of details. This is a short and simple guide for NBI Renewal, easy for newbies and applicants to follow.

NBI Renewal Online Appointment Processing STEP BY STEP GUIDE

Step 1: NBI Clearance Website

Visit the NBI Clearance website at https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/. Look for Quick Renewal and click on it. Enter your NBI Clearance ID Number when prompted. Make sure your NBI ID Number is from 2014 onwards.

NBI Renewal Appointment

If you want to renew your NBI Clearance, you need to register online first. If you don’t have an account yet, you can’t renew it this way. Instead, you have to make a new account. Follow this guide to register for your NBI Clearance online.

Step 2: NBI Clearance ID Number

NBI Renewal Appointment

Your NBI ID Number is special and has 18 letters and numbers mixed. Look at the top of your last name to find it.

NBI Renewal Appointment

The NBI ID Number is only for people who registered online in 2014 for NBI Clearance. If you didn’t sign up that year, it will show an error or record not found.

Step 3: NBI Quick Renewal Delivery

After you type in your NBI ID Number, you’ll find the NBI Quick Renewal Delivery section. Here, you’ll see details like your Name, delivery address, and the total amount you must pay.

Make sure to check your delivery address to avoid any delays in getting your NBI Clearance.

The cost of renewing your NBI is Php 330.00, plus an extra Php 25.00 for the E-payment Services of NBI Clearance Online. This is more than getting a new NBI Clearance because it includes the express delivery for your renewal.

NBI Renewal Appointment

After checking your info, press the “Next” button to move to the next screen.

Step 4: NBI Renewal Payment Section

To renew your NBI Clearance, you can choose from 6 ways to pay. Here they are:

  1. Bank Over the Counter:
    • Banks like BDO, Land Bank, and China Bank accept payments over the counter.
    • This option is easy for you if you don’t have a bank account.
  2. Online Bank:
    • Use online banking services like Union Bank EON and BPI Express Online to make payments.
  3. Mobile Payment:
    • Gcash is a mobile payment option to renew your NBI Clearance.
  4. Bayad Center:
    • Pay the NBI Clearance fee at any nearby Bayad Center branch or through their online payment portal.
  5. MultiPay:
    • Another option for payment.
  6. ECPay:
    • ECPay is also available for your NBI Clearance payment.

Choose the method that suits you best!

First, put in your birth date. After that, pick the payment you want.

Step 5: Pay your NBI Renewal

Paying for your NBI Renewal is easy now. After a quick renewal, just show the number at the bank or payment centre on your screen. That’s it! Wait for your NBI Renewal Clearance to arrive at your door. Use this number at the chosen bank in the payment section.

NBI Renewal Appointment

It takes around 5 to 10 working days to get your NBI Renewal. The countdown starts when you pay.

If you have any questions about your NBI Renewal, just leave a comment. We’ll be happy to help.


Renewing your NBI is simple with our user-friendly appointment system. Our easy guide ensures a smooth process accessible to everyone. No complex steps – just a straightforward renewal experience tailored for you. Trust us for an effortless NBI renewal appointment!

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How do I schedule my NBI renewal appointment?

To book your appointment, visit our website or the nearest NBI office. Follow the simple steps outlined in our guide.

What documents are required for my renewal appointment?

Please ensure you have a valid ID, previous NBI clearance, and a completed application form. Our guide provides details on necessary documents.

Can I reschedule my NBI online renewal appointment?

Yes, rescheduling is possible. Log in to our website, enter your details, and choose a new convenient appointment date.

Is the NBI renewal appointment process time-consuming?

Not; the process is designed to be quick and uncomplicated. Use our detailed guide to streamline the procedure and save precious time.

What if I miss my NBI renewal appointment?

No need to stress. Feel free to reschedule, but please inform us beforehand. Check our guide for instructions on rebooking and preventing any issues.

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