PRC Renewal Online Appointment

PRC Renewal Online Appointment: Embracing Efficiency and Convenience

Say goodbye to long waits and queues! PRC Renewal Online Appointment streamlines the renewal process, making it simple for everyone. Book your appointment, skipping the hassle of in-person visits. Embrace convenience and renew online today!

Getting or renewing your professional license in the Philippines is now simple! PRC’s online system makes it easy. Use LERIS for fast and convenient transactions anytime. No more hassle, quick and easy steps!

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PRC Online Registration: Sign up easily on the LERIS website.

Get ready with these:

  • Email
  • Mobile number
  • Valid ID
  • Personal info
  • 2×2 ID photo (JPG format, white background, decent attire)

Follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click ‘Register‘ on the sign-up page.”
PRC Renewal Online Appointment
  • Check the rules on the right. Learn about privacy, password safety, registration duties, fees, and penalties. After reading, scroll down and hit ‘I Agree.’
  • Fill in your info (in Registration). Use your Notice of Admission (NOA) or PRC ID as a guide.
PRC Renewal Online Appointment
  • Put in your email and make a password. It must have at least six characters with numbers, letters, and special characters. Type it again to be sure.
  • Look at your details. Tick the box saying I’m not a robot and hit Register. Remember, wrong info might get you kicked out by the PRC. A new window shows all your details. Double-check and click Agree/Confirm.
PRC Renewal Online Appointment
  • Sign in to your account. Enter your email and password under the Sign In tab. Tick the box saying I’m not a robot, then click Sign In.
  • After signing in, a notification about advisories will pop up. Click OK.
  • Another prompt on appointment slots will appear. Click Proceed.
  • Fill in your details. Go to the Profile tab on the left. Input personal info, contact details, family background, education, employment, and valid ID data. Don’t leave red asterisk fields empty. When finished, click Save Information.
  • Upload your photo. Check photo requirements, then click Proceed. Choose a file to upload by clicking Choose File. Finally, click Upload Image.

Done with your PRC online registration or LERIS online application? Now, handle all your online transactions on the website. Learn more below.

How to Apply for Board Exam via PRC Online

Registering for a board exam? Follow these simple steps for PRC online registration:

  1. Log in to your PRC online account.
  2. Tap the Select Transaction button on the right side.
PRC Renewal Online Appointment
  • 3. Click on the “Examination” tab.
  • 4. Pick the exam details: name, type, date, and place.
  • 5. Hit “Proceed.”
  • 6. Choose your PRC office for the appointment. The system will suggest a date and time. If it works, click “Proceed.” To change, hit “Reschedule,” pick a new date, state your reason, and confirm.
  • 7. See your transaction summary. Click “Submit.”
  • 8. Pick a payment channel and click “Submit.”
  • 9. Review transaction details. Tick the box for Terms and Conditions.
  • 10. Enter payment info, then click “Submit.”
  • 11. Confirm payment by selecting “OK.”
  • 12. Print your payment confirmation.
  • 13. Click “Existing Transaction,” then print your PRC Exam Form.
  • 14. Sign the form.
PRC Renewal Online Appointment

After applying for your PRC online, visit your chosen PRC office on your appointment day. Submit your printed form and required exam documents.

Find your profession’s exam requirements on the PRC website[2]. Easy steps for a smooth process!

How to Apply for PRC ID Renewal Online

Renewing your PRC ID is easy! Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your PRC account.
  2. Click Renewal and choose your profession.
  3. Enter your PRC license number and click Proceed.
  4. Pick a regional office and set an appointment.
  5. Confirm or reschedule as needed.
  6. Review and submit your transaction.
  7. Choose a payment method and confirm.
  8. Print your payment confirmation slip.
  9. Print your completed application form.
  10. Sign the form.

To get your new PRC ID, visit the chosen office on your appointment day. Submit the form and a passport-size photo with a white background and a name tag. Easy, right?

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Reminders When Using PRC Online Services

Schedule Your Appointment in Advance:

Don’t forget, you can’t book a same-day appointment with the PRC. Plan to secure your slot for a smoother online transaction.

Watch Out for Scammers:

PRC appointments are free! Stay alert, and don’t trust anyone claiming to be a PRC official asking for money in exchange for help with your transaction.

Email PRC for Help:

If the hotlines are busy, contact for assistance with your online registration, password reset, or Land Bank payments.

Mind Online Traffic:

Expect heavy website traffic. Try logging in during off-peak hours to avoid getting kicked out. If needed, log in again to complete your transaction.

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In conclusion, the PRC Renewal Online Appointment streamlines your renewal experience. Say goodbye to waiting in lines – our user-friendly system makes booking and managing appointments easy. Simplifying the process with just a few clicks saves you time and effort. Experience the convenience firsthand and renew your PRC license stress-free. Upgrade your renewal journey today!


What is a PRC Renewal Online Appointment?

It’s an easy way to schedule your license renewal online, avoiding in-person queues.

How can I book my appointment?

Simply visit our website, choose a date, and follow the easy steps to secure your slot.

Why should I use the PRC online renewal appointment?

Saves time! No waiting in long lines, and you can pick a convenient date for renewal.

Is it secure to renew my PRC online?

Absolutely. We prioritize your safety and have implemented secure measures for your peace of mind.

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