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Schedule Your SRB/SID Appointment 2024

MARINA has a new online service. It’s for getting or renewing SID (Seafarer’s Identity Document) and/or SRB (Seafarer’s Record Book). It’s different from MISMO and doesn’t need registration or making a new account. You use it for one transaction only – once you set an appointment for SRB or SID Appointment, you’re done.

Other STCW functions, like COP, COP, Examinations, etc., are still in MISMO.

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Step By Step Guide To MARINA SID Online Appointment

Step 1:

Go to the website at

Close the Gender Equality Disclaimer that appears.

The site is simple. Look for the bold white “SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT” button on a navy blue background. Click it.

If you don’t have a VALID SRB, click NO.

SID Appointment

Another popup will show up, with IMPORTANT REMINDERS about your application. Once you understand, click Continue.

SID Appointment

Following that, a Terms and Conditions agreement will be presented. Finally, select “I AGREE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS WEBSITE” at the conclusion.

SID Appointment

Don’t worry about the Time Remaining countdown. If you’ve prepared the requirements, you can finish in under 10 minutes.

Step 2:

Enter your real name, email, and birthdate.

Make sure they’re right and error-free; you can’t fix them after submitting.

Click the “I’m not a robot” Captcha.

SID Appointment

Click Submit. Then, check your email for a code. Use the email you gave to log in.

Step 3:

Enter the 6-digit OTP in the box. Click Submit afterwards.

SID Appointment

Step 4:

Once you enter the OTP, you can pick a time for your appointment. The schedule depends on open slots at various MARINA Offices.

SID Appointment

Pick a branch and date. Select a time from the available slots. Click Next.

SID Appointment

Step 5:

Enter your personal information here. Make sure it’s accurate for your SID card and/or Seaman’s Book.

When selecting “NEW Application,” it will prompt you for your details right away.

If you choose “RENEWAL,” it will ask for information about your old or current SID and SRB.

Fill in all the fields on your screen, especially those marked with a RED asterisk or boxes. You must complete all required items to move on to the next step.

Provide details in these categories:

  • Personal information
  • Birth information
  • Contact information
  • Educational attainment
  • Employment profile
  • Identification profile
  • Emergency Contact

Click “NEXT” at the bottom of the page after filling out the details. If needed, you can also go back to previous pages.

SID Appointment
SID Appointment

Step 6:

This page has a summary of your online appointment.

Check your name, address, email, application, and appointment details here.

If everything is okay, click NEXT.

SID Appointment

Step 7: Payment Method

Now, it’s simple to pay for your SID/SIRB. MARINA has teamed up with various payment platforms, making it easy to pay with cash, eMoney, or BancNet nationwide.

For cash payments, you can go to pawnshops (RD, LH Lhuillier, Tambunting, etc.), rural banks (Malayan Bank, GR Bank, etc.), malls or stores (7Eleven, LCC Malls, Gaisano Grand, etc.), and business centres (LBC, VIAExpress, etc.).

eMoney payment is the easiest and most convenient. Use GCash or CLIQQ App.

BancNet accepts payment through member banks like OFW Bank, AUB, PBCOM, etc.

Once you’ve chosen your payment method, click on “Generate Reference Number” at the bottom of the screen. You’ll get an email and SMS with your reference number.

SID Appointment

Step 8:

Make sure your reference number, QR Code, and payment amount are visible. Pay within 48 hours or you’ll lose your appointment and entered details. If this happens, restart at step 1 and complete all steps.

SID Appointment

Once you pay, you’ll get an email and text confirming your schedule and payment.

Step 9: Day of Appointment

  • On the day of your appointment, bring all the documents they told you to bring online. This includes the printout of your confirmed appointment and your payment proof.
  • When you get there, wait in line until they call your name for the Biographic and Biometric Details Enrolment. This is when they carefully check that your documents are real.
  • They will also take a picture of your face and a sample of your signature to add to their system.

Step 10. Releasing Your MARINA SID/ SRB Documents

This is the last and most exciting part.

You’ll get your SID or SRB, or both, within 3 working hours after you pay.

The teller will call your name and give you your new SID and/or SRB. Check if all the details are right.

To activate your SID/SRB, sign them before leaving the counter and put the stamp on your SRB.

Benefits Of Marina SID Appointment Online

Reduced Wait Times: Citizens can schedule appointments in advance, which helps to eliminate long queues and minimizes the time spent waiting for services.

Enhanced Transparency: Real-time updates on availability and electronic confirmations increase transparency and reduce the potential for corruption and bribery.

Improved Service Delivery: Government offices can manage their workload more effectively and allocate resources more efficiently, leading to better service delivery.

Citizen Convenience: The option to book appointments online offers greater convenience, saving citizens both time and effort.

MARINA SID/SRB Issuing Offices

Below are the addresses of MARINA branches across the Philippines where you can apply for SID/SRB. Some locations might be conveniently close to your home.

MARINA Central Office

  • 2nd Floor, MARINA Building, Bonifacio Drive corner 20th Street, Port Area, Manila

SM City Manila Satellite Office

  • 5th Floor, SM City Manila, Natividad Almeda-Lopez corner A. Villegas and San Marcelino Street, Ermita, Manila

POEA Satellite Office

  • Ground Floor, POEA, Blas F. Ople Building, Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City

La Union

  • 3rd Floor, Tan Building, Quezon Avenue, Sevilla Center, San Fernando City, La Union


  • Caedo Commercial Center, Calicanto, Batangas City


  • Regional Government Center, Rawis, Legazpi City


  • MRO VI Building, De la Rama Street, Iloilo City


  • RO-VII Building, Doña Modesta Gaisano Street, Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City


  • 2nd Floor, Uytingkoc Building, Senator Enage Street, Tacloban City


  • 2nd and 3rd Floors, A. Marcrohon Building, Campaner Street, Zamboanga City

Cagayan De Oro

  • 2nd Floor, SE JO Lim Building, Gemilina Street, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro


  • 2nd Floor, Davao Ching Printers Inc. Building, corner Lakandula and Dacudao Avenue, Agdao, Davao City

General Santos

  • Door A17-A19, ECA Building, National Highway, General Santos City


  • Agusan-Misamis Oriental Road, Barangay Ampayon, Butuan City


In conclusion, the SID appointment process is straightforward and efficient. Within 3 working hours after payment, you’ll receive your SID SRB or both. The teller will call your name, hand over the documents, and you can check if everything is correct. Don’t forget to sign and apply the stamp before leaving to activate your SID or SRB. It’s a simple and quick procedure for your convenience.

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How long does it take to get my SID after payment?

You’ll receive your SID or SRB within 3 working hours after making the payment.

What should I check when I get my SID or SRB?

Verify if all the details on your SID or SRB are correct.

What happens during the SID Marina Appointment?

The teller will call your name, hand over your SID or SRB, and you can check the details.

How do I activate my Marina SID or SRB?

Sign the documents and paste the stamp on your SRB before leaving the counter.

Is the Marina SID Online Appointment process complicated?

No, it’s a simple and quick process designed for your convenience.

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