Terminal Appointment Booking System

Terminal Appointment Booking System

The Terminal Appointment Booking System simplifies the process of scheduling appointments. With this system, you can manage your appointments using an interface. Say goodbye to long waiting times as you streamline your booking process with ease.

Terminal Appointment Booking System

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Starting October 4, the Manila International Container Terminal is introducing a new system called the Terminal Appointment Booking System (TABS). This system includes slot reservation and activation features.

Slot reservation lets customers book TABS slots up to seven days ahead. Slot activation activates the slot six hours before the appointment time.

Trucks arriving before the slot activation will be labeled as “without TABS appointment” and won’t be served, needing to pay a pass-thru fee.

This change responds to stakeholder complaints about difficulties in booking TABS slots.

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Step By Step Guide to Online Terminal Appointment Booking System

Step 1:

Go to the Vehicle Booking System (VBS).

Step 2:

Enter the details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • VBS Location
  • Phone
  • Email

And enter the necessary details.

Terminal Appointment Booking System

Step 3:

Check your email for confirmation.

Terminal Appointment Booking System

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Step 4:

Click on “Verify your email address“.

Terminal Appointment Booking System

Step 5:

Enter the necessary details and click “Finish“.

Terminal Appointment Booking System
Terminal Appointment Booking System

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The Impetus for TABS

The Asian Terminals Inc. created TABS to keep goods moving at Manila’s trade gateways. It’s a web-based platform for brokers, forwarders, importers/exporters, and shipping line reps to schedule container withdrawal and delivery. TABS operates around the clock, aligning with time zones. It supports the government’s truck ban, aiming to reduce road congestion and port overcrowding.

Manila North Harbour Port Inc. CEO Richard Barclay mentioned on October 22, 2015. During a presentation at the Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia (PASIA), TABS would help stakeholders. It would make truck trips more efficient, reducing costs. TABS would focus on cargo release and acceptance, and help manage volumes, forecasts, and planning.


In conclusion, the Terminal Appointment Booking System revolutionizes appointment scheduling for seamless operations. With its interface and efficient slot reservation system, managing appointments becomes effortless. Embracing this technology ensures smoother processes and enhances productivity.


What is a tabs Terminal Appointment Booking System?

TABS is a system used to schedule appointments for services at terminals, such as transportation hubs or government offices.

How does TABS benefit users?

With TABS, you can book appointments ahead of time, which cuts down on waiting and makes sure services run.

Can I book appointments online through TABS?

Yes, TABS typically offers online booking options, allowing users to schedule appointments from the convenience of their devices.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

If you don’t show up for your appointment, it might get rescheduled or you could face penalties. It all depends on the terminal’s rules and the service you missed.

Is TABS accessible to all users?

TABS are made for everyone, including people with disabilities. They have easy ways to book and features to help with physical access.

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